partial :: Conf 2017

22–23 September, Sofia

Software conference focusing on modern functional languages and technologies used on the web. We bring people from different parts of the functional world to exchange ideas.

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About Partial

We're that new conference showcasing the latest functional web technologies. We provide you with an opportunity to meet experts in the field and to discuss ways to make your work better!

We've got the perfect recipe for you to enjoy a couple of early-autumn days packed full of lectures & workshops covering the spectrum of functional web technologies — all the while enjoying the hidden gem that is Sofia.

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Michał Muskała Ecto Core Team
Saša Jurić Elixir in Action
Bozhidar Batzov Clojure, CIDER, Rubocop
Ilias Van Peer Elm Aficionado
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Call for speakers

We are focusing on modern functional programming languages and technologies for the web. Our talks are 40 minutes long and we have 3 half-day training slots. What are we interested in? Here are some examples:

  • Erlang, Elixir
  • Clojure, ClojureScript
  • Elm, PureScript, Haskell
  • React, Redux
  • Everything λ

The deadline is 16th of June.