Peter Kostov

Lesson learned by 4 years of F# in production

I'm a simple guy, who loves to code and do anything tech related. I like to spend time exploring new technologies and trying them on personal projects, but unfortunately, I rarely finish any of them. I also have an unhealthy interest in math and physics, although I'm pretty bad at both.

And maybe the final thing that may sound interesting, in the last 3-4 years I'm participating in Bulgarian folk dance ensemble. We are often going on performance all over the country and couple of times abroad.


Ilona Demidenko

Conversational Sign Up with Chatbot-like experience with React and Redux

I am a Front-End Web Developer. My focus is on Javascript, React/Redux front-end applications, and UX Design. Intrigued by blogging, traveling, writing. I like to work hard for things that are worth it.


Nikolay Tsvetinov

The Rise Of The Functions

Nikolay Tsvetinov (Meddle) has 13+ years of programming experience.

He likes the mathematical side of programming, with interests in lambda calculus, combinators, category theory, type theory, abstract algebra, reactive programming and concurrency models.

He's been coding everything web, from devops through back-ends and APIs to frond-ends and single page applications.

He's been creating stuff in Java/Ruby/JavaScript/Elixir/Go/Rust and playing with Scheme, Haskell and Erlang.

He currently works for Inflowmatix, a UK based company. He authored "Learning Reactive Programming with Java 8" and created ProAct, a JavaScript reactive library as well as the Reacto Ruby reactive library. He is also the creator of the Blogit blog engine, written in Elixir.

Nikolay is an active member of the Elixir community and is part of the team, which gives a "Functional Programming With Elixir" course at Sofia University and is part of the Bulgarian Elixir community.


Kiko Fernandez

Building a compiler: it is all about monads

Kiko is a PhD student in programming languages and the main lecturer of Advanced Software Design course at Uppsala University. He is also a core developer of the Encore programming language, has written research publications about concurrent and parallel data structures and has won two best paper awards in his short (yet) academic career.

Before doing research, he used to work as a consultant, writing software in languages such as Java, Python, Ruby and Clojure among others.

He is always learning some new and loves to spend time with his family. Father.


Radoslav Kirov

What types of types does TypeScript have?

Rado works on the TypeScript infrastructure team in Google. Previously he worked on Angular (when it was still called Angular 2) and AdSense. At some point he tried to do mathematics for a living, but then thought better of it.


Krasimir Tsonev

React is a LIE!

Krasimir Tsonev is a coder with over ten years of experience in web development. Author of books on Node.js and React he works at where he helps people reaching clinical trials.


Bojana Popovska

Managing Application State "the Functional Way"

Senior Engineer at Netcetera. Web/App developer with a passion for Machine Learning. Contributor of Skele, an architectural framework for building data-driven apps with React Native.


Lisa Passing

Functional Rust - An Exploration

Lisa is a Berlin-based creator of lots of code in the form of video games and generative art. She works at Open Knowledge Foundation Germany where she puts open data on maps.


Konstantin Zolotarev

Making a smart car with Elixir and nerves

Senior engineer at LiflandGaming Group, Elixir enthusiast. Focusing on highload realtime applications. Love to work with IoT devices and break things. Lives in Tallinn, love playing the guitar, skiing, and spending time fixing car.