We are excited to announce that Partial 2018 will be held at the National Palace of Culture

NDK a.k.a. The National Palace of Culture

The National Palace of Culture was built in 1981, to serve as a conference and exhibition centre for various events. The vast exhibition spaces, numerous halls, and spectacular view from the spacious balconies, contribute to its cult status.

The park around NDK is known as one of the hot spots for youngsters (and not only) and is just few minutes walk from one of Sofia's vibrant pedestrian streets - Vitosha.

There is a metro station, conveniently located right at the venue entrance.

Hall 7

Hall 7 is where Partial will take place. It's on the 5th floor and has lots of natural light and nice view of Sofia.

NDK, Hall 7


The venue is near the entrance of M2, metro line – Vitosha <> Sofia Airport. If you come from the airport, you need to change lines at Serdica station. Take M2 to Vitosha for 1 stop.